"Life of a Water Bottle” – Presentation discussing the different phases of constructing, filling, distributing, using, and recycling plastic water bottles. An activity will follow the presentation, in which participants can repurpose plastic water bottles into coin banks using paint and craft supplies (pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, construction paper, & markers) for use in fundraising efforts or coin collection

“Carbon Footprint Investigators” – Interactive media presentation on the carbon footprint that each student has on their surrounding environment, including transportation impact, diet considerations, and conservation of energy. Example products promoting sustainability will be brought and given as prizes for correct answers to presented questions. 

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“Enough is Enough” – Presentation analyzing food waste on a college campus, and how college students can utilize dining centers more effectively to ensure that excess food is not being thrown away. Additionally, the presentation will analyze fair-trade and organic food practices, to see how these techniques lead to a more sustainable process for developing food products. Fair-trade coffee and chocolate will be served for participants.

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“Time for a CHANGE” – Presentation discussing financial sustainability, and how college students can better budget their expenses (food, living, entertainment, and educational) in a meaningful manner on their own. Alternatives to current life practices will be presented and a visual of the build up of daily actions will be presented via M&M candies.


"Fast Fashion" - Description Pending :)

"MicroPlastics" - Description pending :)

"Modern Slavery and Food" - Description Pending :)

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