Campus Events
  • Members of the campus events committee design, create and facilitate events on campus that promote sustainability. You are largely the face of the organization to campus! This means you should have an understanding of the organization and its activities since you will likely need to answer questions about the group.

  • Responsibilities include hosting volunteer sign up lists, communicating with venues, managing volunteers, and advertising at events such as Replant, Stream Clean, Big Event, Kyle Field Clean-Up, The Sustainability Challenge and Project Clean Plate

  • Members of the education committee educate on-campus residents about what sustainability is, how sustainability impacts the life of a college student, and how individuals can be more sustainable in their everyday actions. You are the knowledge bringers to on-campus residents! This means you'll need to be comfortable presenting and answering questions at hall programs.

  • Responsibilities include: Facilitating educational programs, communicating with residence life staff for scheduling & logistics, and creating sustainability education bulletin boards.

  • Members of the membership committee enhance every member's experience by fundraising, training, recording attendance, taking meeting notes, creating meeting activities, and planning parties. You make the Aggie Eco-Reps a better organization to be a part of!