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The Aggie Eco-Reps are a student-run, residence-life organization devoted to spreading sustainability on campus. Our mission is to provide students with the education and opportunity to promote and continue sustainability.

About Us



In 2010, Dr. Carol Binzer had an idea - she wanted to make recycling more accessible to students living at Texas A&M University. Dr. Binzer, with the help of the Department of Residence life, applied for an Aggie Green Fund grant to pay for the student employees that would tend to the new recycling bins in the halls. 


In 2011, the Aggie Eco-Reps had their first round of recruitment and outreach. They had begun volunteering in events across campus, such as Earth Day and Texas Recycles Day. 


In 2012, the Eco-Reps had begun training with the Office of Sustainability, as well as the Department of Utilities and Energy, about current sustainability projects going on across campus and how the org could extend their influence. They were able to start projects of their own, including the yearly “Contemplate Your Plate” and “Paper Towel Stickers.”


In 2013, the Eco-Reps received recognition from student activities as an official Texas A&M University student organization.


In 2021, the Eco-Reps received recognition from the Office of Sustainability as Texas A&M's first Sustainable Student Organization. 

Today, the Aggie Eco-Reps volunteer across campus and host a variety of sustainability related events, as well as run presentations in the halls and educate Texas A&M students about sustainability. We’ve outgrown our recycling bin days, and look forward to the future. Join us on our mission to make TAMU a more sustainable place for every Aggie. 

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